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4G- och 5G-näten vidöppna för DoS-attacker

Rapport från Positive Technologies via IT Pro Portal:

All 4G networks are susceptible to Denial of Service (DoS) attacks – and new 5G networks are also at risk.

This is according to a new report from Positive Technologies, which analysed the Diameter signalling protocol used to authenticate and authorise data distribution in 4G networks.

Researchers mimicked the behaviour of hackers and found their attempts to infiltrate mobile networks were “100 per cent successful”.

According to Positive Technologies, 5G users are also vulnerable because “the first generation of 5G networks (5G Non-Standalone) is based on the LTE network core, which means that 5G is vulnerable to the same flaws.”

Kanske lika bra att Apple och många andra mobiltillverkare inte har så bråttom med nya telefonmodeller som stödjer 5G.