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Max Temkin:

It has recently come to my attention that some of you, who I considered friends, have made it t0 the year 2015 without ever having watched my favorite television program, Star Trek: The Next Generation, despite its free availability on the World Wide Web.

I get it. The show is impenetrable, watching the whole thing takes 178 hours. It’s also extremely silly — nearly every episode has a moment when grown men in pajamas throw themselves around in their chairs. But I want to make the case Star Trek: The Next Generation (TNG) is important and worth your time in 2015, and I want to suggest about 40 hours of Star Trek viewing that will cover all of the great episodes.

Star Trek: The Next Generation är den enda av alla Star Trek-serier som jag över huvudtaget kan stå ut med att titta på. Några av de efterföljande filmerna med samma skådisar var inte helt usla, för övrigt.