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Logga inte in med Apple


The SSO schemes offered by big tech companies have some obvious advantages. For example, they're developed and maintained by companies with the resources to bake in strong security features. Take Sign In With Apple, which lets you use TouchID or FaceID to log into any number of sites.

But for all its convenience, consumer SSO has some real drawbacks, too. It creates a single point of failure if something goes wrong. If your password or access token gets stolen from an account you use for SSO, all the other sites you used it to log in with could be exposed. And not only do you have to trust the companies that offer SSO to protect your privacy and security, you also have to trust all the third-party websites offering these options to implement them correctly.

Fallet Apple är extra intressant med tanke på deras pågående fajt med Epic Games (företaget bakom Fortnite) där Apple inte bara sparkat ut dem ur App Store och avslutat deras utvecklarkonto utan också raderat alla möjligheter för de som använt Sign in with Apple som inloggningsmetod i Fortnite att fortsätta göra just det - logga in med hjälp av Apple.

En hyfsad varningssignal för tredjepartsutvecklare: blir Apple arg på dig så åker inte bara du ut utan också dina användare.