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“Så här kan Apple stoppa anklagelserna om konkurrenshämmande verksamhet”

Savannah Reising, appropå EU:s kommande granskning av App Store och Apple Pay:

As consumers, we love the App Store because it gives us the freedom to choose the apps that are best suited for us. But it’s a shallow freedom because Apple has the ultimate control over how we can interact with those apps.

Apple has a smug way of prioritizing its own apps over those of third-party developers, forcing users to take a few extra steps to get the experience they want. If you’re a Google Maps user, you’ve probably felt annoyed when you tap an address and your iPhone automatically pulls up directions in Apple Maps. Or, if you’re a Spotify user, you can’t just ask Siri to play Grimes’s new album, because unless you have it downloaded in Apple Music, she won’t be able to find it.

In an era of declining hardware sales, this allows Apple to keep users tethered to the Apple ecosystem — a strategy that is being looked at with increasing scrutiny. Earlier this year, Bloomberg Technology reported emerging rumors that Apple is considering loosening restrictions to allow users to set third-party apps as their default— a move no doubt catalyzed by the pressure of recent antitrust probes.

If Apple’s playbook sounds familiar, it’s because Microsoft did the same thing back in the 90s. In the early days of the internet, Microsoft (arriving late to the browser wars) decided to aggressively bundle Internet Explorer with Windows. This move sucked the life out of rising Silicon Valley superstar Netscape and consolidated the internet market, ultimately slowing down innovation and giving consumers fewer options. If Apple continues playing by the same aggressive rules, their own App Store will begin to suffer from lack of innovation and consumers will feel the blow.

Det ovanstående är bara början på en lång och mycket genomtänkt bloggpost som jag varmt rekommenderar alla att läsa. Har man inte fått nog efter det rekommenderas även detta.