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Vad gör ni, Mozilla?

Cal Paterson:

One of the most popular and most intuitive ways to evaluate an NGO is to judge how much of their spending is on their programme of works (or "mission") and how much is on other things, like administration and fundraising. If you give money to a charity for feeding people in the third world you hope that most of the money you give them goes on food - and not, for example, on company cars for head office staff.

Mozilla looks bad when considered in this light. Fully 30% of all expenditure goes on administration. Charity Navigator, an organisation that measures NGO effectiveness, would give them zero out of ten on the relevant metric. For context, to achieve 5/10 on that measure Mozilla admin would need to be under 25% of spending and, for 10/10, under 15%.

Senior executives have also done very well for themselves. Mitchell Baker, Mozilla's top executive, was paid $2.4m in 2018, a sum I personally think of as instant inter-generational wealth. Payments to Baker have more than doubled in the last five years.

Firefox tappar snabbt marknadsandelar, Mozilla (företaget bakom Firefox) sparkar 250 anställda för att spara pengar, men betalar sin styrelseordförande 2,4 miljoner dollar under år 2018. Det finns ingenting som säger att den summan minskat för 2019 eller i år, 2020. Så frågan är: Vad gör ni, Mozilla? Vad håller ni på med?