Blir du glad av sociala medier?

16 Sep 2020

Michel Salim har en intressant fråga: Blir du glad av sociala medier?

I deleted my Instagram accounts today. The process is needlessly obscure – the flow on the app and the web interface only exposes an option to temporarily disable your account – which is an alarming anti-pattern; it is indeed one of the walled gardens I alluded to in an earlier post.

What was the impetus for this, you might ask? There are multiple factors I took into consideration, but the final straw was watching Jeff Orlowski’s thought-provoking documentary, The Social Dilemma. It’s on Netflix right now, and is a highly recommended watch. Even as someone who has, for a while, been highly skeptical of algorithmic newsfeeds in particular, and the attention economy in general, this still sends chills down my spine. A lot of tech insiders have second thoughts about the products they built, worry about its impact on the world, and try to insulate their children from it.

Frågan som texten utgår från är intressant, och det som gör den extra intressant är att Michel Salim utvecklare på Facebook, och han har inte mycket gott att säga om sin arbetsgivare.

Har du inte sett The Social Dilemma ännu så bör du se den per omgående.