Historien om Tradewars 2002

24 Sep 2020

Tradewars 2002

Josh Renaud intervjuar Gary Martin, skaparen av Tradewars 2002

TW2002 was when I decided to make the Trade Wars game that I wanted to play, not just a clone of what previous ones had been. I wanted more levels of detail, I wanted more available strategies and counter-strategies for players to use. It’s where I started creating all of those new ideas that had been percolating in my brain during the TW2001 project. It was also where I added the registration system to try and keep the more honest sysops honest. Hackers were still going to find ways around it, but I wanted at least a little recognition for the amount of time and effort that went into it.

Tradewars 2002 var det bästa spelet man kunde installera i sin BBS. Ännu idag funderar jag på att starta en DOS-baserad BBS enbart för att få spela Tradewars 2002 igen.